Plywood and rebonded foam

Clemens Kois

Titled “Colosseum,” the installation inverts the typical amphitheater by providing tiered seating for visitors on the form’s exterior, and an intimate, private space for fairgoers within its interior. Consisting of plywood covered in recycled foam reminiscent of multi-colored terrazzo, “Colosseum” merges the notion of a curved, unroofed venue with soft experimental furniture from the 1960s and 70s by designers such as Superstudio and Verner Panton.
“The #ArtsyTakeover is different than my typical design project, as the scale of Colosseum is much larger; the development and fabrication period was shorter; and the nature of the piece as a public work makes the experience arguably a bit more ephemeral than they typical ownership of a ‘product,’” explains Takagi.
Similarly to a Greco-Roman amphitheater that anchored a sporting event, the #ArtsyTakeover provides fairgoers with a comfortable space to rest, socialize, or observe.